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#42 Tino Naukkarinen

  • Finnish flag
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Nationality Finnish
Age 19
Born Finland
Lives Finland
Height 186cm
Weight 76kg
Team Williams

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Tino has been sim racing for many years. He went down a tier, when all the F1 Esports Series guys joined the league he races in. But when F1 Esports Series 2018 came around, Tino pulled out some great skill levels to help him become the first pick.

Favourite Quote


Determination will get you everywhere



  • /  2018 Qualification:

    Round 3


"Depends of what do i have, on average for AOR like 5-6 hours, then for esports over 10 hours"

Q: Who is your favourite F1 Driver ever?

A: Sebastian Vettel

Q: Which car is your favourite to drive?

A: Williams

Q: Which was your favourite year in F1 and why?

A: 2012 because it was so actionpacked with many different race winners and Vettel winning the title with style

Q: What was the first driving game you remember playing?

A: F1 02 on PS2

Q: What type of driving style do you think you have?

A: Calm and Consistent

Q: When did you first start racing online?

A: It was year 2011 in F1 2011

Q: What platform did you first start racing online with?

A: PS3

Q: How did you find the level of the competition in the F1 Esports Series 2018 Online Qualifiers?

A: Just social media

Q: What does your average sim racing day look like?

A: Wake up, go to school/Work then play games and usually gym/run at evening

Q: How do you prepare before a race?

A: Listen music

Q: How much practice do you put in, on F1 2017?

A: Depends of what do i have, on average for AOR like 5-6 hours, then for esports over 10 hours

Q: What is your favourite track on F1 2017?

A: Hungary

Q: Which driving conditions do you prefer, wet or dry?

A: Dry

Q: Who is your toughest online opponent?

A: Joni Törmälä (G2 Töpä)

Q: If you had one favourite moment from the Silverstone trip, what was it?

A: Just seeing everyone else from the draft

Q: Have you ever been to an F1 race weekend before?

A: No

Q: What was your most memorable F1 race and why?

A: 2010 Abu Dhabi just because it was insane title fight

Q: If you could pick any race in the world to go to, which would it be and why?

A: Hungary, because i love the track and atmosphere there